MAG Brands LLC is major importer & manufacturer of sportswear, outerwear and swimwear for some of the largest brands in the fashion industry. It was founded in 1997 as Millennium Apparel Group. In order to strengthen our brand portfolio & better service our customers, Millennium Apparel merged with the Adjmi Apparel Group in July 2009 and formed MAG Brands. This strategic merger gave Adjmi a foothold in the swim & outerwear business that now ships to all retailers across the country.


MAG Brands/Millennium Apparel Group is a leader in children's through adults sportswear, outerwear and swimwear. We have grown dramatically over the past 20 years by delivering exceptional style and quality in all of our apparel and through our commitment to creativity and innovation.

MAG/Millennium is trusted with marketing many of the leading brands in the apparel industry.Our focus on brands and licenses from a consumer point of view, assures outstanding success with every aspect of our business.


MAG/Millennium markets to all tiers of distribution:
- Mass
- Mid Tier
- Department Store
- Specialty
- E-Commerce
- Clubs


MAG/Millennium's merchandising, designing, sourcing, sales, quality assurance, marketing and licensing teams deliver the best quality product with innovative design and exceptional service, surpassing every industry standard.


MAG/Millennium's product and design group excels at identifying emerging global fashion trends to produce on-trend children and adult apparel.


MAG/Millennium's licensing and marketing provides the strategic point-of-view that means we are on target, speak to consumers in their own language and assures we drive our product into and through all tiers of distribution.


MAG/Millennium's product sourcing aided by its Shanghai office, is diverse, strategically pulling from China, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia. Our diverse sourcing makes MAG Brands nimble, allowing us to meet the needs of every retailer from the largest mass marketer to the smaller specialty chain.